About Us

Powerhouse Studioz is the most instagrammable dance studio in Dubai. Facilitating people to learn incredible variety of dance types with health-oriented yoga styles. Our dance studio holds pride and reputation with highly experienced trainers and choreographers who help you transition into a best dancer and Yogi. Our instructors know well how to work with your ideas and expectations to plan a choreography for your event. Powerhouse’s classes are taught by professional dancers who are passionate about their art form and dedicated to helping it’s students succeed. We believe that anyone can dance, and we’ll work with you to help you reach your dance and fitness goals.

Why Choose Powerhouse?

Powerhouse holds a schedule packed full of classes, competitions, stage performances and photoshoot at regular intervals for individuals of all ages and all levels.

Our exceptionally designed dance and yoga classes

1.Promote fitness consistently

2.Boost confidence, high self-esteem and personal expression

3.Creates lifelong connections and bonding