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Couple dance choreography

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Wedding choreography is a beautiful and romantic touch to wedding celebrations. We promise to make your special moments more beautiful.

Here at Powerhouse Studioz, we will help you get ready to perform your First Wedding Dance. We believe that dance is the language of the soul, and would love to help you get better at gracefully expressing yourself. If you are searching for dance choreographers near me then your search ends with us.

ForWe’ve got something for everybodyFamily & Friends

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow. Not only will we assist the bride and groom in their expression of love through dance, but we’ll also choreograph group dance routines for friends and family who wish to move to the beat of the couple’s union. We believe that the elders in your family shouldn’t be left out. We’ve got something for everybody.

Pick your own tracks, or allow us to choose for you, but one thing is for certain- the entire crowd will be thoroughly entertained and awestruck by the grace and energy that your moves produce.

Sangeet Sandhya, engagements or weddings we do it all!! Don’t hesitate to give yourself the most amazing day, you are allowed to indulge in a little happiness and magic every now and then!!!

Wedding Couple Dance Lessons
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