Hip hop

Intoxicating beats, fluid dance moves and a culture of its own — no other genre of dance has got quite as much swag as hip-hop.

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Dubai

With influences from jazz, funk and break dancing, this street-style dance is all about fusion.

We give you the low down on where to learn this form. And while the dance schools have their own take on it, they all have one belief in common — attitude makes all the difference for a hip-hop hustler in the making.

Students are trained on diverse international Hip-Hop, House and R & B music which gives scope for different kinds of moves and styles.

If you are interested to take up Hip Hop dance classes in Dubai, why not learn it from the best tutors around? Our dance classes include an introduction, warm-up, followed by multiple dancing sessions. Our instructors will teach you some of the most popular moves of the Hip Hop dance form. Our Hip Hop dance course has something unique for every student.

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